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Using Deep Learning Technology to Enhance Translation System.

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Big Data Technology Gives Us Enormous Possibility.

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We Cultivate Various Ideas by Cutting Edge Technologies.

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GCon Studio

GCON STUDIO provides a perfect translation service with synergy between professional translator and A.I.
We also create a translation support tool called “ Translation Dictionary” for our users rangin from from freelancers to entrepreneurs and even to corporates.

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GCon Studio

Professional Translator synergized with A.I.


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Hey Jung ParkProfessional Translator (Freelance)

“I’m a freelancer but I do not have enough data for my own personal ‘dictionary’, and it is really expensive to buy ‘offline’ one. But, GCON Studio is helping me create my own style so that I can accelerate my growth”

Chris AdamsStartup Advisor

“There are so many areas where language barrier is the leading cause of slow growth for expanding companies. How quickly companies can interact will be the key to success in the near future”

Sun Taek KimProfessional Translator (Freelance)

“GCON STUDIO has made my translation work much easier! I’m currently using “Translation Dictionary” and I get much work done in less than half of what it took me before.”

Min Ji WooCJ Group (Sales Dept.)

“We requested GCON STUDIO to translate our Company profile. It was accurate and much cost-effective than other translation agencies”

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